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I am a teacher in a local school and am absolutely passionate about bringing our young people up and being their guide to help them in life.


I love my job and put everything into it.  However, I feel like I could give even more outside of school life and was curious to find out what Confelicity were all about.  


I met James in town for a coffee just to see if it was what I thought it was.


After a brief conversation I was encouraged.  We were to be a party of doers who lead by example, and action what we say we will do.


To be fair, all the parties say that, but what drew me in was the total focus on local!


I love being able to contribute to the discussions at the meetings and that my point of view is listened to and considered.


I love the fact that my voice is equal to the leader and every other member when it comes to decision making. It might seem like it could be chaos, but it does actually work!


I also love that nothing is off the table.


We are a party starting from scratch - it’s very exciting!


I am representing Prittlewell as I live in the ward, and would be so proud to be the voice of our residents.


I am a friendly but forthright person and would look to represent your issues as swiftly as I could.  


I would be new to politics, but I think that is what the system desperately needs.


New blood, fresh ideas and a loyalty to Southend that, when walking around our city and using our services, I think there is much room for improvement. 


I live with my wife and three children and they mean the world to me.


All I want is for them to have all the opportunities to live a fulfilling life, so they can to be happy.  And that is what I wish for every resident in Southend - as far as I can contribute to!

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