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I live in Southend with my wife and our child in St Luke's ward.  

I have extensive experience in the child care industry where I have worked for the past 10 years.  Although I found it a rewarding career, there were a lot of improvements that I would like to see.  

I like to engage in open debate about issues that are in the news every day, but also areas that are not so much talked about.  One of the reasons I joined Confelicity was their openness to freedom of speech regardless of the topic.  That is not to say that opinions are agreed upon, just that everyone is open to saying it in an environment that won't shut you down.

Southend is honestly a good place to live because the large majority of people are friendly.  There is crime that does cause real problems at times and I look forward to being a pro-active member of my ward to help people that have been victims to this.

St Luke's is a densely populated area with many residents struggling financially, and I will do all I can to assist them in finding the help they need.  The ward itself includes some of Southend most important leisure facilities such as Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, Garon's golf and perhaps Southend United's new complex.

I will make myself available to residents as and when they need me, and I would look forward to being their voice on the Council.

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