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My first experience of community spirit started in the wonderful School of Earls Hall, where I made lifelong friends that have been a great part of my life, it’s amazing how life goes full circle my children now attend Earls Hall and I am now able to give back to that amazing school by joining the PTA to help raise fund for the school.

I then attended (what was then known as) The Prittlewell School. I remember them getting us ready for the outside world. They had various mock days we would dress smart and pretend to have job interviews. Life full circled again, in my human resources job I have been able to go round to lots of local schools to help the young people prepare for employment and run mock interviews.

I was fortunate enough to study Performing Arts at the South East Essex College, which helped me grow in confidence as person. From my love of Performing Arts I have regularly participated in amateur dramatics with Lindisfarne, Southend Shakespeare and Plays for Laughs which helps to raised funds for Charity.

I now work as a Support Worker for people who have suffered severe mental health issues, where I try to get them back into every day society. I help them with any issues they may have. Making sure they are being independent, but also giving them a foundation of support that they can also come back to us whenever they need. Mental health is a huge issue and I am keen to help as much as I can.

Civic Pride

I hope to see the return of civic pride, create a community spirit, and the sort of society that I had when I grew up with neighbours helping each other out. We have an untold history in Southend. So many people have done so many great things that as a society we need to hear. Young people need to find inspiration. It does surround us every day as the nurses and doctors heal their patients, teachers pass their knowledge on, builders build the city, and Southend United players try their hardest to gain promotion! We just need to tell their story and celebrate them in a way that will give young people aspiration, and meaning and purpose to their lives.

Southend Hospital

Prittlewell is home to Southend Hospital and I would like to give a big shout out to all the people that devote their lives to saving and supporting those across Southend. They have made all kinds of sacrifices to work in this profession and deserve our respect and appreciation. They need to be supported with the right pay, mental health provision and resources, rather than having to face the prospect of vital facilities being stripped out such as the stroke unit and the A&E department. This may be a national issue, but with a totally devoted local party we will be able to raise a collective voice in a great effort to prevent any further damage. I would like to also acknowledge the bravery and courage of everyone in the NHS during the last 2 years of COVID. Simply heroes!

My biggest drive to want to make a difference is for my partner and 2 young children who I wish only the best for them. At the moment I worry, but feel optimistic about the future doing my bit in the party. I care deeply about people and have always tried to bring happiness to others. As coincidences go, joining a party whose name means ‘happiness in other people’s happiness, could not be more apt!

I look forward to serving you if I am selected as the voice for Prittlewell.

Lizzie Smith

Prittlewell Confelicity Candidate

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