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I was born in York Road in Ashingdon and now live just off of York Road in Southend! 


I have lived in Southend for most of my life and was educated in King Edmunds. Both my parents are teachers and have instilled in me a sense of community, hard work and honesty.


I moved away to Leeds, then Canterbury, where I qualified in teaching.  I also enjoyed singing as part of the choir.

I have been involved in Scouts for many years helping young people grow and guide them to fulfil their potential.  It is one of my passions and enjoy giving back to the community in this way.

My career background is in management and over the last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to have learnt many things such how to support people in their work and personal lives, how to manage money and budgets, and how to scrutinise policies and procedures.  Sounds a little dull, but these are the kind of qualities I believe are required to ensure policies put forward in the Council are sufficiently analysed.

My involvement in politics has always been a little on the periphery until the opportunity opened up to run for Confelicity.  I have high ambitions in politics and feel proud to be Deputy Leader of the party, hopefully contributing to the beginnings of a great local party for Southend.  My aim is to become the first MP for Southend’s only independent party and I look forward to running as soon as Mr Johnson calls the election!

Aside from the fact that Confelicity is a local party, the concept of ‘Undivided Democracy’ – a key tenet of the constitution – is an attractive proposition and one of the primary reasons for my membership.  It means that all members have the power of veto and results in no one getting left behind.  I am a deep believer in democracy and is, as far as I am aware, the most inclusive democratic system in any party.  On paper it sounds like it cannot work, yet our constitution and manifesto were put together with this voting structure.  I am a pragmatic thinker and need all the information before I make a decision.  This idea works for me and takes the tension out of any particular debate.

Chalkwell enjoys the beautiful Chalkwell Park, wonderful parts of the seafront, and a set of eclectic and successful businesses along London Road. I want to see real progress for the residents of Chalkwell and support them where I can in their lives.


More than anything I care deeply about people and would look forward to helping residents in Southchurch with anything that is in my power to do so.


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