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I was born and have lived in Southend-on-Sea for my life thus far, having grown up in the Kursaal Ward. I attended Porters Grange Primary School and then Cecil Jones College (as it was known at the time), where I was a key part in establishing a student-teacher committee for all to raise their concerns and discuss the steps which could be taken to improve the school.


Having also discovered a passion for the arts, especially music, during my time in secondary school, I then studied at SEEVIC, with a focus on the subjects of Music and Music Technology. This eventually led me on to study Music Performance and Production at LCCM London, with which I graduated in 2020. My entire musical background began with free music lessons organised and arranged by my primary and secondary schools, albeit on instruments which I never pursued. Due to a variety of issues around funding and such, access to these enrichment activities ceased just as my passion began to grow, but I pressed on and have achieved all the way up to a Music Undergraduate Degree having been largely self-taught as a saxophonist.


Whilst studying at University i decided to look for a job to do alongside this. This job has morphed and grown exponentially in the time since, giving me access and opportunity to develop a plethora of skills, from people management to leadership, to recruitment. I have also been able to connect with my passion for music, becoming a member of the team which has created a festival to promote the arts and talent of local people. Recently, I have also helped the volunteering committee and look forward to doing my part in raising awareness and funding for a variety of local charities.


Throughout my life in Southend City I have been fortunate enough to meet all manner of inspirational people, and through these connections have been able to reap the benefits of locally funded groups, such as my music lessons at a young age; theatre groups and community youth bands. Sadly, I have also seen these schemes and groups grow and die, despite the good they offer.


I may not have known Southend in its truest days of glory - This only drives me more to help the City and its people achieve its fullest potential, so that all who grow up and live here can feel genuinely prideful of their home.


I look forward to helping the people of Southend City sculpt a home that provides the best for us all.

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