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CONFELICITY believes that local government are far better equipped to manage the well-being of its people.  We believe in making practical changes by seeking to take far more control of our tax, health, education, policing, the environment, education and business. 

We intend to be the most powerful independent political voice in Southend, and transform it into a place where people can fulfil their potential and reach a state of mind that is happy, content, healthy and safe.

Political Ideals

  1. A sustainable environment must come before anything else

  2. We are entitled to live long and healthy lives through free access to health and social care

  3. Employ and deploy the right number of police to keep us safe

  4. Ensure everyone has a home that provides comfortable living conditions

  5. Have the opportunity to fulfil their potential through free education whether practical or academic

  6. For workers to be treated in a culture of compassion, empathy, kindness, support and dignity

  7. That Nationally vital infrastructure be publicly owned

  8. Total transparency in how our tax is spent

  9. More democracy in the way our money is spent

  10. Local Governments to retain as much tax revenues as possible in relation to national needs

  11. Local Governments to control schools, hospitals, police and other vital public services

  12. Local Governments to be empowered to facilitate the best possible environment for local businesses to grow

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